Dov Zakheim, The “Karov Lemalkhut” Rabbi Of The State Department

Adam Fitzgerald
10 min readJan 10, 2020

Dov Zakheim was born on December 18, 1948 in Brooklyn, New York. His parents escaped Communist rule in Ukraine and Lithuania, with his mother entering the United States at a very early age in 1923 from Ukraine. His father, a religious authority in Lithuania had also fled under Communist pressure. “He was a leader of the Jewish community there. He was actually legal counsel. And he was tipped off that when the Soviets moved in — this was before the Nazis attacked Russia in 1941 . . . this was 1940 — that he was on the KGB — or then it was called the NKVD — hit list because he was a leading anti-communist.” (Dov Zakheim, Big Think, 2012). Dov’s father, Jacob I. Zakheim, was an active member of Betar which was a revisionist Zionist movement, formed in 1923 in Riga, Latvia.

Later they would form into a bigger group led by other Zionist crime syndicates mainly the Irgun and Stern gangs. Dov in his late teens enrolled in Colombia University where he would earn his Bachelor’s in government in 1970, and his Doctorate in economics and politics at St.Antony’s College in Oxford University. His broad experience in politics and Foreign Policy would help position him in very influential spots amongst top levels of government in the years to come.

He was still dedicated to his religious studies, and became a 16th generation Rabbi, his parents were religious but weren’t “practicing” their faith in earnest.

“I was really brought up on God and country. I’m an orthodox Jew. I’m a sixteenth generation rabbi. My son is now the seventeenth generation, one of my sons. None of our family for the last umpty-ump hundred years has practiced as a rabbi. My father was a lawyer as I mention. But we believe in religious values. So on the one hand we have God, and on the other hand we have this wonderful country that had made a home for both of my parents who obviously would probably never have met if it hadn’t been for the United States.” (Dov Zakheim, Big Think, 2012).

During the period of 1981–87, Dov Zakheim would go on as an adjunct professor at the National War College, Yeshiva University, Columbia University and Trinity University, where he was presidential scholar. From here it would lead him to high positions within the government thru-ought his adult life. During the Reagan administration he would hold positions including, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Planning and Resources from 1985 to 1987 where he would also hold influence in Israeli matters.

He argued that Israeli and U.S. interests would be best served by having Israel purchase F-16 fighters, rather than investing in an entirely new aircraft. In 1987 he would hold positions at CEO of SPC International, a subsidiary of System Planning Corporation, a high-technology analytical firm which produces military electronics, such as radar, and Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance in air-warfare, cyber-security, program management and research of advanced weapons systems, advanced space systems and advanced micro-systems for the United States Department of Defense (DoD). He also and sat on a number of major DoD panels, including its Task Force on Defense Reform (1997) and the DoD’s first Board of Visitors of Overseas Regional Centers (1998–2001).

On February 19,1998 The Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf (CPSG), a bipartisan group made up largely of foreign policy specialists, sends an “Open Letter to the President” calling for President Clinton to use the US military to help Iraqi opposition groups overthrow Saddam Hussein and replace him with a US-friendly government. US law forbids such an operation. The group is led by, among others, former Representative Stephen Solarz (D-NY) and prominent Bush adviser Richard Pearle, a former assistant secretary of defense.

Many of its co-signers will become the core of the Bush administration’s neoconservative-driven national security apparatus. These co-signers include:

Elliott Abrams
Richard Armitage
John Bolton
Stephen Bryen
Douglas Feith
Frank Gaffney
Fred Ikle
Robert Kagan
Zalmay Khalilzad
William Kristol
Michael Ledeen
Bernard Lewis
Peter Rodman
Donald Rumsfeld
Gary Schmitt
Max Singer
Casper Weinberger
Paul Wolfowitz
David Wurmser
Dov Zakheim

This plan would be held up in its entirety by then U.S. President Bill Clinton, who thought the plane itself wouldn’t be feasible. Many of the co-signees of the (CSPG) would go on to high ranking positions within the George W. Bush administration just a couple of years later, most of these consignees are also Neoconservative.

The (CSPG) letter brought to Clinton was remarkable in it’s insight. Which included the following:

*US support for Ahmed Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress as the provisional government to replace Hussein’s dictatorship;
*Funding the INC with seized Iraqi assets, designating areas in the north and south as INC-controlled zones, and lifting sanctions in those areas;
*Providing any ground assault by INC forces with a “systematic air campaign” by US forces;
*Prepositioning US ground force equipment “so that, as a last resort, we have the capacity to protect and assist the anti-Saddam forces in the northern and southern parts of Iraq”;
*Bringing Hussein before an international tribunal on war crimes charges.

September 2000, The neoconservative think tank Project for the New American Century writes a “blueprint” for the “creation of a ‘global Pax Americana’” The document, titled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century, was written for the George W. Bush team even before the 2000 presidential election. It was written for future Vice President Cheney, future Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, future Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Florida Governor and Bush’s brother Jeb Bush, and Cheney’s future chief of staff Lewis Libby. Dov Zakheim would also be one of it’s declaratory consignees of the document, while holding a position in the Department of Defense at this stage.

The CPSG is closely affiliated with both the neoconservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI). The report calls for the control of space through a new “US Space Forces,” the political control of the internet, the subversion of any growth in political power of even close allies, and advocates “regime change” in China, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Iran and other countries. It also mentions that “advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool”.

In 2001 under the Bush administration he would hold the position of Comptroller of Under Secretary of Defense until 2004. He would also lead the investigation under the non-allocated 2.3 Trillion dollars that went unaccounted for in the Pentagon. DoD financial experts, Zakheim said, are making good progress reconciling the department’s “lost” expenditures, trimming them from a prior estimated total of $2.3 trillion to $700 billion. After the attacks of 9/11, Dov Zakheim was still a leading figure at (SPC) System Planning Corporation. The website for (SPC) is dysfunctional, however it previously stated:

“Initially, SPC staff focused on research and studies in the areas of arms control; nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare; advanced technologies; ballistic missile defense; and continuity of government. Soon, SPC branched into the manufacture of electronic systems, prototyping and manufacturing radar systems to precisely measure the radar cross section (RCS) of the new generation of stealth platforms. As a result of this work, SPC emerged as a major leader in the low-observable community.”

Of special interest to this topic of conversation, however, is a little known system under the “Radar and Measurement Technology” classification known as the Flight Termination System (FTS). The FTS, designed by SPC’s Radar Physics Group, is a system which is used to destroy target drones or other aircraft in the event of a malfunction or a miss during military or weaponry testing.Thus, the FTS is a fully developed system that is capable of monitoring, remote controlling, interacting, and terminating aircraft. Not only that, but the system can be used on commercial and military jets in addition to the standard drone aircraft. It is “speculated” by some 9/11 researchers that Dov Zakheim had controlled the FTS systems in the hijacked planes…important to note that this is pure speculation however.

But not an entirely impossible scenario. Documents formerly posted on the SPC website confirmed that both Eglin Air Force Base and Florida-MacDill Air Force Base have been official customers of SPC and the FTS technology. Florida-Macdill, was part of a Boeing/Pentagon tanker lease agreement which saw at least 32 Boeing 767 aircraft transferred to the U.S Military.

Then came the September 11th 2001 attacks in New York City and Washington D.C…..Zakheim would unceremoniously be held in a myriad of suspicious and unconvincing speculation from those of the “fringe” sects of the Conspiracy groups that would dominate the 9/11 forums, almost immediately.

The arrest of the 5 “Dancing Israeli’s” on September 11th 2001 were wrought with more questions than answers, as they were taken to One Police Plaza and interrogated for 71 days. The five Israeli’s held for suspicion of the attacks:

Oded Ellner
Omar Marmari
Sivan Kurzberg
Paul Kurzberg
Yaron Shimuel

Later in the weeks to come, all had failed their lie detractor tests and were under major suspicion that they had prior knowledge about the attacks taking place. The FBI will later conclude at least two of the five (Sivan and Paul Kuzrberg) are Mossad agents and that all were on a Mossad surveillance mission with their moving company (Urban Moving Systems) used as a Mossad spy front. The FBI interrogates them for weeks.They are held on immigration violation charges, but will be released under constant pressure from two unnamed U.S. Congressional leaders,and Dov Zakheim, Secretary of State Richard Armitage along with Harvard chair and lawyer Alan Dershowitz acting as a mediator between the FBI and Israeli interests.

ABC News will later report that was “high-level negotiations between Israeli and US government officials” over the five men, resulting in a settlement. they were deported back to Israeli, where in 2004 they would also do a live TV interview with Yair Lapid and claimed to have documented the event and didn’t dismiss the notion they knew what was happening beforehand. The mystery regarding the Israeli’s release was not met, and thus numerous proffers of speculation are still unchecked, and numerous. Meanwhile the FBI, whom were reluctant to release the Israeli’s were pressured to do so. Zakheim, much like his orthodox faith, remain hidden from public display.

With the outset of the U.S invasion of Afghanistan, Zakheim had hopes that this would be the concentrated effort from the Bush administration, but the rumblings from within the “Vulcans” , whom Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice labeled the foreign policy advisers under Bush, with Vulcan being the Roman god of fire, were that Iraq was the primary goal for the Bush and Neoconservatives. Zakheim would write for the American Interest, a bimonthly magazine focusing in U.S Foreign Politics, titled The Man With The Tin Cup in 2011, Zakheim saw the immediate change from Afghanistan into Iraq as the primary disaster, which incidentally, continues to the present day.

“Our real problem with regard to Afghanistan, however, was not our occasionally stingy allies but ourselves. As attention and prospective resources shifted toward Iraq, the Bush Administration, through the Office of Management and Budget, vastly underfunded the Afghan reconstruction effort. The Administration was requesting only $7 billion in assistance for Afghanistan in FY 2004, just a fraction of what we anticipated asking to support the Iraq operation. This was nothing new. The total value of American assistance to Afghanistan in the FY 2002 budget amounted to $942.1 million. This was probably $500 million short of what was needed that year, but analysts might have argued that the country could not absorb more money at that time. The initial FY 2003 allocation, however, totaled just $151 million, with Foreign Military Finance reduced to a laughable $1 million.”

Zakheim would continue to expand his ventures within the State Department. Over the years, Dov would be given a position at Booz Allen Hamilton (Defense contracting agency) where he would serve as Vice President until 2010. He currently is a Senior Fellow at the CNA Corporation, a Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.. He is also Co-Vice Chair of Global Panel America. In 2016, Zakheim along with 52 other Republican foreign policy dignitaries, signed an open letter condemning then Republican candidate, Donald Trump, as being unfit for office. Zakheim fears were that Trump would declare generational war on terrorists abroad and have Japan as a strong U.S ally. Zakehim’s fears would be unfounded however, Trump would be very lauding in regards to Israel and it’s tentative ally, Saudi Arabia.

In a recent article, Zakheim even submitted that for a “religious Jew” to work in a foreign government, one had to appear as if he is of it’s counsel. This quote was taken from the Avodah Zarah, a tractate of the Talmud:

“It appears, therefore, that a Jew need not actually be in government service to qualify as a karov lemalkhut (kingship), though all of the aforementioned cases involve persons who were in frequent, if not constant, contact with the governing authorities. Indeed, when Maimonides expands the exemption to include shaving, presumably with a razor, he explains that for “a Jew who is karov lemalkhut and must sit before their kings [my emphasis], [and] it would be an embarrassment for him if he does not appear like them,” clearly implying that the Jew mixes regularly with officialdom.”

Dov Zakheim would continue to work “behind the scenes” of the corporate world which co-exists behind the Pentagon and State Department. Much like his secrecy regarding his faith which exists inside the Talmud, Zakheim continues to remain shrouded in mystery, by staying within an arm’s length of the public’s sunlight.



Adam Fitzgerald

Geo-political scientist/researcher into the events of September 11th 2001.