History Repeating Itself, This Time In The Form Of Pipe Bombs

The Anthrax Letters of 2001, were just one of the reasons for the justification of a war against a country (Iraq) whom were never suspect in the first place. Yet the letters were sent to the very people who were openly critical of then U.S. President George W. Bush’s plan for an invasion into Iraq….Tom Daschle (D) and Patrick Leahey (D). Letters also were mailed to Tom Brokaw of NBC, the Sun Tabloid’s Robert Stevens and also the New York Post. In all 5 people were killed with 17 injured with a total of 5 verified Anthrax encased letters. Letters were also sent to ABC, NBC and CBS news offices. with all the notes being made by way of a copying machine. Some letters were also hoax letters.

The U.S. Government fully blamed Al Qaeda for sending the Anthrax letters, a false report regarding a Mohamed Atta (9/11 suspect) obtaining Anthrax in Prague was used to justify the war in Iraq. Years later, this narrative was proven to be blatantly false. Shortly after the initial investigation The FBI and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) both gave permission for Iowa State University to destroy the Iowa anthrax archives.

Here we have something similar. Pipe “bombs” sent to CNN and Democratic officials, even celebrities who criticized U.S. President Donald Trump which are purportedly blaming someone who supports the Republican Party or the Far Right Wing of politics. As the major media outlets continue to inflame the narrative regarding divisive politics, the citizenry continue to follow suit and are ever so close to promoting civil war amongst one another instead of working pro-actively to achieve the seemingly impossible…. a united front against the very same institutions which made them divided in the first place.

Geo-political scientist/researcher into the events of September 11th 2001.