Latest Volley Of Violence From Gaza

Khan Younis, a city located south of the Gaza Strip was the location of where the current military escalation has started, its the ground zero of the war. It is where Nur Barakeh, a commander of the Izzedine al-Qassam brigades, Hamas’ military wing, would be gathering his troops for a small chat. The IDF however had other plans. A covert operation which included a small faction of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was to liquidate the shadowy commander. However their operation was uncovered which led to a hardened firefight in the dirt covered streets. When the smoke cleared, 6 militants from Hamas lay dead, including one from the Popular Resistance Committees while one IDF soldier also lay dead, and one wounded. The response has been overwhelming since the siege.

From Monday afternoon, Hamas fired back. It included approximately 400 rockets which hit Israeli territories. In response, Israeli military airplanes and tanks have showered the Gaza Strip hitting 150 targets including the Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas run company), and small businesses and shops and Palestinian homes. As of Tuesday evening, Egypt along with the agreement from Hamas and the IDF have brokered a “ceasefire” for the time being. The assault has been the worst since 2014 where more than 2,200 Palestinians were killed, mainly civilians. Gideon Levy, a columnist at Haaretz and member of the newspaper’s editorial board “”Both parties are not interested in a war, but both are not doing enough to prevent one,” he said.”Netanyahu has no intention to put an end to the siege, so as long as it continues, we will, again and again, witness one violent action leading to another violent act.”

Neither Hamas nor the Likud run government will have any foreseeable long lasting peace as long as one another exists. Instead what is desperately needed are newly formed councils from level headed individuals who can lay out a “peace” process and a new approach of living within one another in a country where violence and oppression is the norm.

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