Ramzi Yousef & Operation Bojinka

Adam Fitzgerald
3 min readSep 1, 2019

Consider a past historical piece of history where if had taken place, would have been far worse in it’s entirety than 9/11…that plan was called The Bojinka Plot. In 1996, Ramzi Yousef (1993 WTC Bomber), Abdul Hakim Murad and Khalid Sheikh Muhammad (WTC Mastermind) devised a plan formed in the Philippines. The plan devised of the following:

Assassinate Pope John Paul II (In the Philippines)

Assassinate U.S. President Bill Clinton

Place timing bombs on 11 airliners from Asia to the United States and have them all simultaneously explode over the Pacific Ocean.

To test the bomb itself hidden in a theater under a seat hidden by Bojinka Plot co-conspirator Wali Khan Amin Shah, the bomb was crude and mostly unfinished but it was only a test run. The bomb worked, alas a late timer giving Shah enough time to leave and report back to Yousef about what he had seen outside the theater. Next came the actual test, to build a Casio timer

“The “Mark II” “microbombs” had Casio digital watches as the timers, stabilizers that looked like cotton wool balls, and an undetectable quantity of nitroglycerin as the explosive. Other ingredients included glycerin, nitrate, sulfuric acid, and minute concentrations of nitrobenzene, silver azide (silver trinitride), and liquid acetone. Two 9-volt batteries in each bomb were used as a power source. The batteries would be connected to light bulb filaments that would detonate the bomb. Murad and Yousef wired an SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) as the switch to trigger the filaments to detonate the bomb. There was an external socket hidden when the wires were pushed under the watch base as the bomber would wear it. The alteration was so small that the watch could still be worn in a normal manner.”


Ramzi Yousef, boarded Philippine Airlines Flight 434, a flight from the Philippines to Narita, Japan. Yousef went to the bathroom, took the devices hidden in his shoe and completed the shrewd made bomb. He went back to his seat and asked for a different seat where he thought the fuselage would be. Placed the bomb underneath the seat, and got off in Japan, and took a flight back to the Philippines. While he was purchasing a ticket to return, the bomb had went off, killing one pass anger who sat in the seat Yousef placed the bomb. His lower torso covering the hole, the skilled pilots under duress managed to land the plane, miraculously.

However, the damage was done. The plane and it’s passengers were only saved due to a miscalculation from Yousef. With Ahmed Ajaj’s (Mistra’avrim?) help, he was building his final phase of bombs. 11 Casino timing devices with Urea Nitrate.Funding for this final phase of operations came from numerous high profile terrorists. Including Wali Khan Amin Shah, Riduan Isamuddin (Hambali) & Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, However due to a simple chemical spillage in the sink of the motel Yousef and Murad were staying in, the smoke emanating from the sink blacked out the room and out the window. They both fled the motel room, however Yousef had forgotten his laptop which contained the details of the Bojinka Plot. Yousef tells Murad to retrieve the laptop, as he arrives inside he is immediately arrested by the Philippines National Police. Days alter Murad confesses to the FBI and PNP about the plot.

However, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was still at large. And in 1998 he went about planning for a bigger stage of attack where he would have operatives hijack numerous planes and slam them into numerous high profile targets. His original plan would be to hijack ten airliners with himself as the tenth pilot. Bin Laden said it would be too much, they scaled it down to 4….or did they? Days after 9/11 and even on the day itself numerous planes would find weapons underneath the seats. Including United 23 out of JFK. Where 4 Arab men became irate at the stewardess for not being able to fly, they stormed out never to be seen again, only until the FBI looked into their baggage later in the day. Finding box cutters and pilots licenses from the same training school as Mohammad Atta went, Huffman Aviation.




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