The 9/11 Problem

Adam Fitzgerald
28 min readOct 18, 2018


As the smoke from Ground Zero bellowed out from the peaks and valleys of the WTC rubble, the murmurs of suspicion about who carried out the heinous terrorist attacks began in the direction of the United States government. As the major media outlets echoed the name of Osama Bin Laden as the lead perpetrator for the 9/11 attacks, which was no secret to the intelligence field, it wasn’t believed by some in the American populace. Many didn’t even know who Bin Laden was, much less know why he would perpetuate the attacks in the first place. Those who were in the field of conspiracy were now invigorated to produce unsound ideas and beliefs which would later form into a “Frankenstein” monster that would seemingly destroy any level of discourse relating to 9/11 and misinform the majority within this area for years to come.

The initial spark of the truth movement would take shape in the form of four widows who lost husbands in the WTC attacks, Kristen Breitweiser, Patty Casazza, Lorie Van Auken, and Mindy Kleinberg. They would unofficially become the first 9/11 Truth Movement for the victims involved in the attacks. They helped lobby the U.S. government to carry out an investigation into the terrorist attacks, resulting in the formation of the 9/11 Commission and the subsequent report released by the Commission.

The 9/11 Commission would begin the hearings on November 27th 2002, and end August 21, 2004. Hundreds of thousands of files, hundreds of interviews and long hours of badgering witnesses would produce the single most vague and incomplete report since the Warren Commission. Immediately after the release of the report, the widows began to complain about the questions they had, which were never answered and other interviews kept in secret and away from public view. This would lead to a public backlash, and give exactly what those in the field of conspiracy what they needed, which delved from the questionable to the downright ludicrous.

There was seemingly no end to their beliefs, and their assertions would later be regarded as “gospel” by most within the Truth community. They emanated out of the shadows, while some rose from the void-less grave of radio and TV awaiting for a new tragic event to spew forth ridiculous theories which often times were unsound. Some were remarkably void of even the slight inventiveness leading one to question their agendas in general. Needless to say, from the year 2002 forward, the 9/11 community had begun the steps into historical oblivion, as these “cardboard cut out” names of the Truth Movement continue to muddy the waters and lead most 9/11 discussions into banality.

The initial rise of 9/11 irrational conspiracies within the global stage began with the publication of “Le Pentgate”, which is authored by Thierry Meyssan (Journalist, author and president of the Voltaire Network located in France). In it, Meyssan showcases his theory that the Pentagon was not attacked with a jetliner, but was hit with a missile from the Atlantic Ocean off a naval ship. This rather outlandish synopsis was not without faults of course for Meyssan never once interviewed anyone whom was there on the day that Flight 77 crashed into the building.

Among its fallacies of evidence and logic, Le Pentagate highlighted a set of leaked frames of Pentagon CCTV video to support the missile theory, without even questioning the veracity of the images. He suggests the impact hole was 15–18 feet in diameter, and that there was no damage on either side of that hole, in an earlier published work “The Frightening Fraud” Meyssan theorized that the damage to the Pentagon came from a truck bomb until he revised this theory to implicate a missile with Le Pentgate. His book was startle even the most, stoic of inquisitors of the mainstream media and U.S. Government, it would become so outlandish Alan Riding form the New York Times published an article June 22, 2002 with the following headline:

Sept. 11 as Right-Wing U.S. Plot: Conspiracy Theory Sells in France (article below)…/sept-11-as-right-wing-us-plot-con…

This book would unfortunately give rise in quick time to even far more, ridiculous scenarios which would poison most 9/11 discussions in the future. Meyssan, whether he knew or not what he had accomplished, was to indirectly vacate rational discourse and replace it with absurdities and unfounded speculation that would dwindle into pointless diatribe and debasement. Meyssan books and his irrational theories would unfortunately be echoed by other 9/11 activists. In 2003, Dick Eastman, self proclaimed 9/11 researcher and video store clerk, would develop a “two plane” theory, which holds that the damage to the Pentagon was done by a smaller jet while Flight 77 merely appeared to crash, clearing the facade behind a pyrotechnic display and overflying the Pentagon.

This absurdity would contradict the eyewitnesses statements (which number 130) that saw a plane crash directly into the building, while there is absolutely zero mention from any one of them about a second plane doing a fly over. Nevertheless, the floodgates were open and more books which would even rival Meyssan earlier works would publish, some would even regard Meyssan as a “shill” for not extrapolating further in the conspiracy regarding Israel and the United States. In 2003, Andreas Von Bulow, a former state-secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defense, would publish a book called The CIA and September 11. The book has enjoyed considerable commercial success in Germany, where it is published by Piper Verlag, and has sold over 100,000 copies.

The book was also received poorly outside Germany however, and Von Bulow faced allegations of antisemitism as well as promoting anti-government views. The book explores the possibility that the various aircraft could have been remote-controlled. It cites observations in support of the theory that the collapse of the World Trade Center might have been due to explosives. Von Bülow does not believe that Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Later published works would come out but unmemorable, and while competing, unfounded theories and assertions would later on produce minimal purchases from an eager, gullible public a far more troubling storm cloud was heading towards the 9/11 spectrum, and the ramifications from it would be absolutely devastating.

By 2008, the mental engines of certain YouTube celebrities in the field of conspiracy began running full throttle and what emanated from them were nothing more than poisonous smoke which delved between the fantastical to the downright outrageous. These scenarios were received by the 9/11 community with a healthy dose of skepticism to complete agreement. People like James Fetzer whom for years immersed himself into the questionable to the downright irresponsible when it came to such historical incidents like the JFK and MLK assassinations.

Alex Jones was already working overtime to make himself far more mentally unstable and his fan base more rabid and annoying. The 9/11 Truth community began going backwards in their research, believing anything if it could paint a negative light to either the United States Government and or the Israeli Mossad while completely negating at all that Islamic hijackers were even present. By mid 2004, William Lewis and Dave Von Kleist both co-produced a documentary which started off innocently enough in asking simple questions, and then fell off the proverbial cliff by suggesting pods were underneath the hijacked planes while Flight 77 and 93 were never hijacked at all nor crashed into the Pentagon or Shanksville. 911: In Plane Site was warmly received by the Truther communities as the debunkers began howling at the banality of it.

It echoed the sentiments of the godfather of this conspiracy, Thierry Meyssan, in that the hole at the Pentagon was too small for a Boeing 767 to crash into it claiming the entry hole was 16 feet wide. Using the photo of the infamous Arlington County Fire Department dousing the flames at the entry point where the thrusting walls of water blocks the entire hole but leaves the second floor damage as the point of reference for the hole instead. Once released, critics began their feast…

“It features both an exceedingly annoying crackpot theorist and outlandish, unsubstantiated allegations about blurry pixelized photos that don’t really show anything” (The Portland Mercury , 10–14–2004)

“Nor does the presentation explain, if the attack planes were military, what happened to the commercial planes. It hints that they might have been shot down over the ocean. The trouble is that they weren’t necessarily over the ocean. And who remembers an Atlantic crash of an airliner where debris such as luggage did not wash up all up and down the Eastern seaboard? If airliners went down in the sea, the secret could not have been kept for long. It’s fine to be entertained by this stuff, even if it is a bit morbid. But let’s not lose our senses.” (, 10–28–2004)

Later Dave Von Kleist would ask the pertinent question which borderlines on sheer arrogance and complete ignorance to the subject of Flight 77:

“Well if the plane didn’t hit the Pentagon, where did it go?” The answer is, I don’t know where it went. For all I know, it could be sitting in 200 feet of water in the Atlantic Ocean. But then again, I didn’t say that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. That was [the mainstream media]. The question should be, if Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, then where is it?”

If Dave Von Kleist were actually responsible in his investigative reporting he would have asked the well over 130 eyewitnesses who saw the Boeing crash into the building, or ask any number of first responders who were on the scene for 2 months investigating the incident. But the poisonous rain clouds of the conspiracy field didn’t end here, just months later 3 young kids straight out of college would enter the 9/11 discussion, and with them came the storm just want the Truthers needed…..On April 12,2005, just 12 days after April Fools, the biggest joke would be played to the American public. Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas and Korey Rowe would produce Loose Change, a documentary which would ask the questions most truthers and some debunkers honestly had for the U.S. Government.

With the 9/11 Commission finally producing their Final report in August 21,2004…the documentary comes as the supposed “anti-dote” in regards to the unremarkable work written by Philip Zelikow which led to more questions than answers. But Loose Change simply regurgitated the nonsensical claims as their previous film (In Plane Site) did, but just with more gumption. In the film the producers of Loose Change contend that Flight 77 never crashed into the Pentagon, echoing the sentiments also held by the producers of In Plane Site just months prior to the work.

In particular it claims that the size of the hole in the Pentagon, a lack of debris and, little landscape damage seem inconsistent with prior airliner crashes. It also alleges that too few parts were recovered from the crash site to reliably ascertain that they were of a Boeing 757, and that a flywheel observed at the site seemed too small to have been part of the aircraft’s engine turbine. Much like their previous 9/11 compatriots, no one from the Loose Change crew managed to interview a single eyewitness but instead relied on the same photos, In Plane Site, used as the entry point of the Pentagon hole which they claim was 16 feet wide.

The film mentions three cameras on nearby buildings that allegedly caught the entire incident at the Pentagon on film, which it says the government confiscated and has refused to release in full. But this was not the case, as the films recovered by the FBI and later released under the “Maguire Declaration” by FBI Special Agent Jacqueline Maguire from a request by Scott Bingham, Mark Bingham’s father. None of the videos released show the Pentagon even in view, while most weren’t even in the vicinity of Washington D.C. at all. The FOIA request of the Maguire Declaration can be seen in full below:…/A_2006_doubletreeaffadavit.p…

But the unimaginative minds of the Loose Change crew didn’t end there. For Flight 93, the film ignores the mainstream theory of hijackers forcing to prematurely crashing the plane into the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania to instead allege that it landed safely at Cleveland Hopkins Airport where it was evacuated by government personnel into an unused NASA research center. As evidence, the film contains photographs and eyewitness reports of the crash site, media reports of a corresponding and bizarre evacuation at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, oddities in the transcripts of cell-phone calls supposedly placed from the plane during the hijacking, and the sighting of the tail number of Flight 93 on an aircraft in use at a later date. In other words what they used mostly as evidence, was pure baseless conjecture. A spit in the face of those who regretfully died in these hijackings.

The film also alleges that all 3 of the WTC were brought down by demolition, and also claims the one of the WTC landowners, Larry Silverstein, as being in on the plot and not showing up for work that day while benefiting from the towers demise to cash in on an unspecific ed amount given to him by insurance companies. These laughably outrageous falsehoods would later come back to haunt them over the years as Loose Change had to revised their film 3 times over the years, It cost just $2,000 to make, which was basically on Dylan Avery’s personal laptop. In April 2005, the first edition of Loose Change was made available for free on the Internet and was given a limited DVD release with 50,000 sold and 100,000 given away.

But the damage over the years was done. Millions and millions of people had watched the documentary and took it as pure, unmitigated gospel. The detractors over the years would eventually mount a wave of due criticism. George Monbiot, political activist and columnist for The Guardian,wrote in direct response to Loose Change in February 20,2007:


On SModcast, Kevin Smith discussed Loose Change and other conspiracy videos about aliens and various things. However, he maintains that he enjoys the film purely as entertainment, and does not believe or agree with the theories presented in the film. In May 2006, the blog Screw Loose Change was created to criticize the claims in the film:


Michael B. Green, clinical Psychiatrist & Medical examiner, even penned a lengthy article about the errors of Loose Change in August 3, 2005:


The damage Loose Change did to the minds of the eager, inquisitive public would be hopelessly irreversible. Long time political activist and 9/11 researcher, Ryan Dawson, would respond in numerous videos about the errors Loose Change had made over the years. One of the videos, regarding Loose Change assertion about Flight 77 where Ryan Dawson refutes rather easily can be seen here:

Ryan Dawson’s work in regards to 9/11 “War By Deception” can be seen here:


Skeptics like Dawson, are now forced to work out of a hole in which the 9/11 Truth community helped create by lending credence to the above names in the conspiracy fold. More competing theories about 9/11 would arise from 2005 and 2006. Proponents such as David Ray Griffin (Christian Theologian) who would be regarded now as somewhat “sane” in his questioning regarding 9/11, he would primarily focus on the physics aspect of 9/11. Using the “works” of self professed scientists such as Stephen Jones and Niels Harrit suggesting pre-planted explosives or thermite were responsible for the destruction of the WTC. Griffin would be regarded as a leading expert in regards to the 9/11 Truth Movement although he has never assimilated into any sect within the fractured community, he is constantly praised and highly regarded as the face of 9/11 Truth.

But he too will constantly gear towards conjecture, especially in regards to the hijackers in which he has questioned as authentic. Even the bloated propagandist, Alex Jones, has referred to David Ray Griffin as the “go to expert” in regards to 9/11, which is rather telling. In one interview with Jones, David goes on to suggest, rather foolishly, that some of the 9/11 hijackers were alive and well. Echoing the false report, but corrected by the BBC, that some hijackers like Wail al-Shehhi were alive and well. This suggests that David Ray Griffin not only doesn’t investigate responsibly about his initial findings, but he regurgitates them as factual. A simple but recurring error which saturates the 9/11 Truth Community in general. David Ray Griffin also asserts that some of the calls made on the hijacked planes were “questionable”. In a written essay posted on 9–10–2008, Griffin suggested that some of the hijackers never actually boarded the planes. This included the infamous Dulles Video where he states isn’t timestamped. Quote from the blog as follows:

“However, as Rowland Morgan and Ian Henshall have pointed out, a normal security video has time and date burned into the integral video image by proprietary equipment according to an authenticated pattern, along with camera identification and the location that the camera covered. The video released in 2004 contained no such data.”

Griffin then follows up with the jaw dropping absurdity:

“Video proof that the named hijackers checked into airports on 9/11 is nonexistent. Besides the fact that the videos purportedly showing hijackers for Flights 11 and 77 reek of in-authenticity, there are no videos even purportedly showing the hijackers for the other two flights. If these 19 men had really checked into the Boston and Dulles airports that day, there should be authentic security videos to prove this.”

What Griffin didn’t do was interview the employees of said airports such as Dulles and Portland International who actually witnessed the hijackers such as Nawaf al-Hazmi, Salem al-Hazmi, Mohammed Atta and Abdulaziz al-Omari get their boarding passes and tickets. One such employee, Vaughn Allex, who worked at Dulles actually witnessed both Hazmi brothers on the day of 9/11. His story can be viewed here:…/Vaughn-Allex-airport-worker-ch…

Michael Tuohey, Portland International, saw Mohammed Atta and Abdulaziz al-Omari on September the 11th while refusing to give them their boarding passes to a connecting flight to Logan airport. His story can be viewed here:…/michael-tuohey-september-11-…/

This would refute the irresponsible claims made by David Ray Griffin, and also question his “ability” to research properly. The one very area that most of the above aforementioned did not do was interview the eyewitnesses who were there on 9/11. And while people like Griffin, Fetzer and Jones simply use 9/11 as a “camp fire” story for their eager listeners, people who are actual investigative researchers of 9/11 have to overcome these obstacles which are purposely created for them to climb over. Creating a capricious space between the fantastical to the responsible.

The “show” wasn’t remotely close to being over, and while most areas of life evolve with the times, the 9/11 Truth Community continues to “de-evolve” as time pressed forward. And the assertions made by former mouthpieces of the Truth Community would look “reasonable” as to what was about to come from the shadows of obscurity. In late August 2006, Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis would form (Citizens Investigation Team), along with Russell Pickering who would later leave the group. Together they would irresponsibly “investigate” the Pentagon terrorist attack involving American Airlines Flight 77. After their trip to the Pentagon, Ranke would make the most remarkable statement, which was nothing short from his own demented imagination….”

It’s looking more and more like a ‘fly-over’ scenario every day.” he would exclaim to Pickering. While Dick Eastman was the original creator of the Pentagon flyover theory and his name appears in the credits of the PentaCon documentary, Ranke explained the origins of their theory:

“We were trying to figure out if people REALLY saw a plane in Arlington and where it flew. We figured it out. As a result of THAT investigation we established the fly over theory. Not the other way around. We did not believe in a fly over until we had evidence for it.”

In other words, Ranke didn’t have evidence for any fly over, it was all childishly imagined on an pre-planned trip to Arlington where in which their mind was long made up. They wanted to make the conspiracy bigger than what it already was. The more fantastical the claims are, the more mysterious and banal the enemy becomes. But for the (CIT) team, their laughable assertions fell completely flat on it’s face. As not a single person they interviewed, which was 12, claimed to have witnessed a fly over of the Pentagon. Craig Ranke explains CIT’s philosophy on 9/11 research: “we lay out heavily researched facts and back them up with evidence and let the chips fall where they may.”

As one can see for themselves, nothing is further from the truth. Much like Loose Change, Alex Jones, and the undesirable Jim Fetzer, the (CIT) team never once relied on evidence to back their claims made from straight comedy. Like a clown car in a circus, the truth movement had many actors within its vehicle…running out in all direction, contradicting their own members at times. The (CIT) team has slowly ridden the short bus to infinite oblivion it seems, that’s and we most likely won’t ever hear from this comedy duo again when it comes to future 9/11 discussion.

But make no mistake, groups like Pilots For 9/11 Truth run by (self proclaimed) pilot Rob Balsamo and Russ Wittenberg (actual pilot), also echo the sentiments of their mendacious mouthpieces that Flight 77 could not have been flown due to the “impossible” maneuvers it made….which was a single loop. In aviation i guess a single loop is an impossible task for even a layman. According to Rob Balsamo,, Flight 77 never hit the Pentagon, but instead it was a drone aircraft which was designed to fly at higher speeds than a Boeing 767.

Balsamo has also echoed the statement of the (CIT) team, that there was a fly over. While also exclaiming that 4 aircraft seemingly “disappeared” into the buildings since there was hardly any debris while simultaneously out doing himself and proposing the claim made by Loose Change that the exit hole located in B-C ring of the Pentagon as the entry hole. Also on the website, they proudly parade the infamous John Lear, who makes the astounding claim that no hijacked planes crashed anywhere on that day. Much like Balsamo’s mental framework, his website hasn’t seen any activity in a number of years. And everything Rob Balsamo stated is unequivocally false. Craig McKee would also echo these same sentiments of Rob Balsamo, and the CIT Team about a fly over plane pertaining to the Pentagon. His blog “Truth and Shadows” even has a mandatory list who must write their name regarding to this rather unremarkable claim while posted it on his main profile page as proof of his undedicated work regarding the Pentagon attack.

McKee has debated twice regarding this issue but will not admit he is a no planer for the Pentagon, because he is embarrassed by this proposition. Below will be the link that will provide the reader of the single most comprehensive list compiled by late 9/11 and JFK researcher John Judge in 2002, of eyewitnesses that saw American Airlines Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon with their very own eyes. The list was finalized by John’s close friend and also fellow researcher Penny Schoner.

2006 was indeed an active year for those of the unsound conspiracy fold, with Pilots for 9/11 Truth and the Citizens Investigation Team leading the charge which were then blatantly proposed as “sound” researchers and promoted on small unnoticeable YouTube channels which garnered hits from people living out West in the long throes of the quiet desert landscape. Nevertheless, the 9/11 Truth Movement, which seemingly was being run like a 2 star whorehouse, was willing to accept anyone purporting anything at this point. Making a complete mockery of the tragedy itself while lending debasement to actual independent journalists in the 9/11 spectrum.

In time these unmitigated cretins would slink back into the shadows, knowing full well that their falsie assertions and childish imagination would not live another day in reality. Outliving their usefulness, the (CIT) team along with Pilots for 9/11 Truth have fallen back into the abyss where they belong. But unfortunately, there would be replacements in the years to come, with even far greater claims seemingly created from the garbage dump which is their imagination.

At around this time another one hit wonder for the 9/11 Truther community had begun making the rounds. Judy Wood, a self proclaimed expert of “dustification” a term used only by her in the scientific community would make the single most outlandish statement pertaining to the collapse of the WTC. According to Judy Wood’s observation, the destruction of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 led her to the conviction that the towers did not collapse but were “dustified” by a directed energy weapon. According to her, “dustification” involves molecular dissociation and transmutation. A most remarkably wild, and imaginative way of asserting that invisible beam from an unknown source high up in the stratosphere had literally melted the towers which also caused the unfortunate jumpers to suddenly take off their clothes and jump from it’s penetrating heat.

Mind you that they took off their shorts and blouses to most likely stop the smoke from coming in their offices and also from the searing heat which flamed below them. It not only ends here, Wood also suggested that the hijacked planes were not even authentic, but CGI inserts portrayed on every single camera which captured the penetrating event as it happened. This outlandishly, laughable claim was echoed previously by well known juggernauts of the shadows, such as John Lear and Morgan Reynolds. Reynolds would actually have a short interview on FOX news, ironically, to perpetuate the no plane idea which had maniacal laughter echoing in the backdrop of the FOX news studios most likely. Judy Wood’s vomit inducing claims of a no planer scenario can be seen here in an interview here with Rich Planet TV, a small innocuous show which interviews such unlikable charlatans like Wood.


The problem with her rationale is that no wingtip of either plane penetrated the steel columns of either tower. They simply damaged the outer cores, but never seared the steel box means which lay underneath. This simple, obvious fact was of course “foreign” to the esteemed, self proclaimed doctor only because she is vastly ignorant of metallurgy and more proudly, basic science. Just putting on a lab coast replete with stethoscope and a small pocket held pen won’t suddenly turn you into Robert Oppenheimer. Instead, this ridiculous fool, is showered with praise and attention from the 9/11 Truth community instead of being properly screened and investigated. they took her obvious false pretenses and fanatical ideas and portrayed her as the next “big thing” to undermine the looming Jewish cabal which purported 9/11 according to the gullible masses of the Truth community.

And of course as shown in previous instances, she too will suddenly become the ire of those within the conspiracy fold. James Fetzer, once a supporter of Wood’s work, suddenly like a Mafioso under the FBI heat turned on her and called her work “erroneous”. Much like Fetzer’s past and previous history of turning on folk of the questionable world of conspiracy, her went live in radio and suggested she even step down from the 9/11 spectrum. In a 2015 blog post, which was penned “Judy Wood and DEWs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” he writes about an exchange with his one time compatriot of self constructed truth:

“The claim that Judy “does not have theory” has struck me as so odd that I have pursued it in several contexts. During an interview she did with Bob Tuskin, I called in to ask how she could deny that she has a theory, when the subtitle of her book declares, “Evidence of directed free-energy technology on 9/11”. To my astonishment, Judy became semi-hysterical and refused to answer. While it may have transpired during a break and not made it onto the air (where what was broadcast can be taken in here), she told Bob that having me call in was “like a victim having to confront her rapist”.

Having competing ideologies within the same group which supposedly caters to the Truth isn’t a new phenomena in the 9/11 Truth Movement, as it generally “eats each other” and acts very much like a Totalitarian regime. New beliefs and ideas are often rife with unsearchable points which are basically self imagined. Wood’s damage is still seen in the present moment even thou her popularity had obviously reached it’s peak in 2010 and saw a noticeable downfall since then. Thankfully. But her insidious agenda had taken full effect, and it thoroughly manipulated the long ago dulled minds of the 9/11 Movement.

By late 2007 a known adversary of Israeli politics and journeyman writer, Christopher Bollyn, would assist Stephen Jones in his complete reach for nano-thermite being used in the WTC towers. A critical mouthpiece against the nation of Israel, Bollyn in mostly all his discussions and lectures about 9/11 have one constant….that Zionist Jews orchestrated, planned and carried out the events of 9/11 and beyond while there were absolutely no Islamic fundamentalists involved at all in the events of 9/11.

Bollyn would even go so far as saying that the hijacked planes would be flown by remote control, which was under the auspices of Dov Zakheim in which he was the Corporate Vice President of System Planning Corporation (SPC) a high-technology, research, analysis, and manufacturingfirm based in Arlington, Virginia. It doesn’t end there, Bollyn also suggests that Flight 11’s passenger, David Lewin who was a Captain from Israel’s Sayeret Matkal, actually killed the Arab hijackers (he often claims don’t exist) and commandeered the plane to Stewart Airport where it was swapped for a remote control drone.

Stewart Airport was the “privatized” airport where the flight-paths of the alleged planes that hit the twin towers, oddly converged. remarkably the FAA doesn’t pick up on the flight path to here nor does the Towers from Newark, Indianapolis or Logan. Bollyn would then proclaim that all of the cell calls were faked, and or taken under duress by a team of Israeli/U.S. operatives who would later kill the passengers at an undisclosed location. In other talks, Bollyn suggests their bodies are dumped into the Pacific while the planes are flown back to Israel for disassembly. And if that wasn’t bad enough Bollyn also asserts a missile shot from a helicopter impacts the pentagon, in complete defiance of the eyewitness who saw the plane themselves crash into the structure.

To make matters even worse, he echoes the sentiments of Loose Change suggesting the entry hole of the Pentagon is not only 16 feet, but instead it is 12 feet. Talk about being moving the goalposts, Bollyn moves instead the entire football stadium at his convenience. His wife, Hellje Bollyn, can be found posting the blurbs from Christopher’s own blog posts in a number of 9/11 forums. She also once in a while can be messaged and, can be rather cordial in conversation. Christopher Bollyn does far more damage however in his lectures His followers include the “undeserving: Rudy dent he of FDNY 9/11 fame by suggesting the Holocaust never even happened and that 9/11 was done by Zionist Jews only while Islamic hijackers were nonexistent.

What Bollyn and Dent don’t even realize is by ignoring the hijacked planes and Arab hijackers you actually eliminate the one constant evidence for showing Israeli involvement which would be located in the Intelligence apparatus (Mossad) using moving companies and drug smugglers and dealers located thru-ought the United States who would in turn assist the hijackers.

Dent being laughably nonresistant in the field of rational discourse, Bollyn however is still maintaining respect with truthers in general and is often regarded as the leading expert on 9/11, a most laughable charge. Bollyn much like his predecessors of the 9/11 Truth Movement has made the event into a laughable side show which consists of unimportant, middle aged men parading around in clown shoes exclaiming a secret truth only they can reveal.

2010… the 9/11 Truth Movement became what it never intended to be, a divisive group with competing beliefs & ideologies which completely contradicted one another. Infighting became the norm, and while their adversaries (debunkers) were their main protagonists, the truthers internal problems were obviously noticeable. And as major online groups such as Architects and Engineers became more vociferous over the physics of what happened at WTC 1, 2 & 7, the notion of geo-politics continues to disappear slowly into the rear-view mirror. With such massive discontent within and competing Truthers vying for financial gain, people like Claudio Marty took full advantage of the attacks of 9/11 and the internal Truther problems which plague them.

By selling T-Shirts with the dull, vague logo which he pressures his constituents of the (I Am The Face Of Truth) or (FOT), to place on their avatar as a label of loyalty to him. But he had plenty of members catering to his every whim. But as sure as the sun would rise, people became dissatisfied with Marty’s constant display of being disingenuous to his own followers. Cheri Roberts still considers herself a “9/11 Truther” but she had called out Claudio’s fraudulent scheming in a blog she penned in 2013 which will be listed below:…/exposed-claudio-the-fra…/

While the circus sideshow began trumpeting it’s comedic tunes, out popped another clown whom purported not to only be an airline stewardess for over 30 years….but to have “secret intelligence” only afforded to her by unspecified sources which are placed within the military it seemed. She goes by many names….Koreann Ashlie, Monica Gainor…or commonly known as Rebekah Roth. She has written a series of 3 books on the topic, Methodical Illusion (2014), Methodical Deception (2015) & the final one in the series, Methodical Conclusion (2016). These underscore that agents of Israel and the Mossad played a key role in the events of 9/11. Her claims are considered so highly sensitive, she had dyed her hair dark and often times wore wigs in interviews. She doesn’t use her real name for fear of being found and either killed or maimed.

By 2013, the 9/11 Truther community, willing to accept anyone who had a heartbeat at this point, embraced her. Roth fraudulently offers special flight-attendant insights that are complete comedy gold She has noted, for example, that cockpits had pilot axes that box cutters would have been no match for. She also claims Betty Ong was not actually calling from a cell phone on board American Airlines Flight 11 rather she contends all the calls, including Ong’s, were all made in a military hangar under gun point by unnamed co-conspirators of the United States government at Westover Air Reserve Base, in Massachusetts.

This remarkable compilation of unimaginable tripe had absolutely no bearing on truth whatsoever, In fact Roth contends that her “contacts” within her own clique also work in the U.S. military. In other words, she is full of the rankest, foul smelling human fecal excrement. Her obvious garbage was seen as something akin to unearthing the “Ark of the Covenant”, and she was given airtime in the biggest channels on Youtube in the conspiracy realm. By 2015 however, her shining star began to accelerate down to earth and crash into the unending seas of oblivion. Even the most unremarkable personalities began calling her out, magnificent frauds such as James Fetzer….a man with absolutely zero morals, suggested she is a CIA plant to disseminate the truther community.

Kurt Haskell remarked upon the similarity between Rebekah Roth’s voice and that of one “Monika Gainor” who made a video selling health products. And of recent, notable skeptic and film aficionado, Ed Brotherton, had a phone call with Roth where in which she side stepped every question about 9/11 but instead tried to beg him to purchase her books.

The enigmatic personalities of the 9/11 Truth movement became rife with continuous, internal implosions. And while they were warring from within, the stoic and sometimes arrogant debunkers rested on the fact there would be no other explanation other than the official one, but it was changing internally as well. The incremental movements of those skeptical about the 9/11 attacks suddenly showed the “light” and slowly some debunkers became more enlightened to the geo-political nature of 9/11. People like Nelson Martins, whose documentary (6 on 77) featured for free on Youtube:


….and his consistent daily barrages of informative posts which are replete with factual data that encompasses the historical time line pre and post 9/11, and is one of the most knowledgeable individuals i have ever had the pleasure of conversing with regarding 9/11 and the 1993 WTC bombing. A true skeptic and seemingly infallible researcher, Nelson Martins remains one of the enthusiastic, motivating minds of the skeptic community. Wesley Norris, who has often times become a voice heard in dozens of 9/11 forums on a daily basis and saturates the comments section with rigorous amounts of information regarding the 9/11 attacks, is another invaluable proponent for 9/11.

Ed Brotherton, whose intelligence involves not only 9/11 but to the Constitutional period and film genre can always be seen in courteous and sound conversation with anyone in the 9/11 spectrum. Abby Martin and Robbie Martin, of GrassRoots Radio brother and sister whom both have shed light in their responsible journalism when it comes to 9/11 in general.

Their knowledge on the geo-political is extensive and is required listening. Jon Gold whose long years of 9/11 activism has made leaps and bounds since 2002 and has written books and done numerous interviews. And of course, Ryan Dawson, the man who started it all with his film War BY Deception which is outlined above. Whose sole work on the subject of 9/11 being not what the 9/11 Commission deemed it to be before anyone even noticed. Ryan Dawson’s work on the subject of 9/11 is extensive and i know personally i would not have become the careful skeptic i am without watching his work which spans over 20 years.

With 9/11 being the epicenter of what we witness today, the amount of irresponsible journalists, and independent researchers are just abhorrently saturated in this field. A remarkable amount of dis-information has put skeptics, like myself, back about 10 years to try and help the fence sitters who are just starting out understanding 9/11, thus why i felt to write this synopsis in the first place.

To call out all those whom are obnoxiously guilty of this charge. It is because of you Alex Jones, James Fetzer, Loose Change, Dave Von Kleist, Judy Wood, John Lear, Morgan Reynolds, Ace Baker, Craig McKee, Christopher Bollyn, Rebekah Roth, Thierry Meyssan, CIT Team, Pilots For 9/11 Truth, David Ray Griffin and 9/11 Faces Of Truth whom have convoluted and openly lied to the masses which have led to the Truth Movement into a stagnant, fractional mess of totalitarian ideals and ignorant speculation which often at times borderlines on complete idiocy. It is in no thanks to you that 9/11 is now seen as a time in history where faces of sheer comedy is often played before the screen for the inquisitive mind while portraying themselves to be “experts” on a subject in which they know next to nothing about. The 9/11 Truth Movement has now become a spectacle, a side show carnival of competing beliefs if you will, which consist of the following:

No Planers
Half Planers (those who believe planes were used on WTC but not in Pentagon & Shanskville)
Mini Nukers (Those who believe mini nukes were used to blow up the WTC towers)
DEW Energy cultists
Thermite insinuators
Jewish controlled drones
And yes even, alien antagonists who destroyed the WTC

There are absolutely no bounds for belief regarding the 9/11 Truth Movement, that it now is seen as a comedy of errors, thanks in part to the above aforementioned. They have become rife with, repugnant attitudes whose sole mission is to make either a profit off the gullible masses that saturate their movement, or their egotistical wish to become famous by implying the most unsound, idiotic ideas regarding 9/11. The debunkers couldn’t ever outmatch the insidious nature of their protagonists, but they did become just as arrogant at times which isn’t as nearly despicable in the overall picture. But for my experience in conversing with both sides i have found one consistency when it comes to the dual partisans of 9/11:

With the Debunkers, 9/11 wasn’t “Islamic” enough
With the Truthers, 9/11 wasn’t “Jewish” enough

With the skeptics however, it involved both. And hopefully, and in contradiction to my hopelessly pessimistic beliefs, we can slowly recover the time to properly educate the masses about the events of 9/11 pre and post. But time is running out. For me 9/11 was not about it being “personal”, i was in NYC and saw Flight 175 crash into the South Tower from my Brooklyn rooftop, instead it was about being informed. About what is happening in our world, regarding all walks of life. It is about the beginning of a new age of intrusive technology which affronts our sense of privacy and the constant need for more secrecy within our elected government, It is about why this event happened and where it arose from (Operation Bojinka). It’s about the Intelligence apparatus which followed the Arab hijackers, Israeli and U.S. and even assisted them at times while not sharing information between the competing agencies such as the FBI and CIA.

It’s about complacency within our own State department and feigning ignorance about an impending attack which was known even as far back as 1998. It’s about being lied to, as Jon Gold famed 9/11 researcher would say, regarding how 9/11 happened and what the State Dept. ignored on the day and following it. It’s about us, the people, and how in general we are being subjected to a plethora of disinformation and laughably false ideas and scenarios by known liars and charlatans whom i outlined above and why we as a whole human community should convene and subject these obvious frauds and expel them into the dark shadows where they belong.

I’m often asked by friends and associates, even people i don’t personally know…”what happened on 9/11"? I usually respond with a simple answer…”It isn’t simple to explain”. I wish it were true, i wish 9/11 could be explained in 5–10 minutes. But it’s literally an impossibility, because 9/11 isnt as simple as those within the 9/11 Truth Movement have made it out to be. And for that they should be regarded as nothing more than victims of self proclaimed 9/11 celebrities whose only goal was to falsely assert their own ideas and beliefs as a form of truth when it was all based on lies and the imaginary which fell down ever so dramatically much like the towers that on that clear, blue skied day on September 11th, 2001.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” — Oscar Wilde



Adam Fitzgerald

Geo-political scientist/researcher into the events of September 11th 2001.