The Divisive Nature of Human Constructs

Adam Fitzgerald
3 min readApr 21, 2019


For as long as time has graced us, for as long as lives have crossed ours….the evolution of human behavior have not made any substantial gain. Witnessing the afflictions which have incorporated the human mind to categorical subjugation have led me to understand the obvious, we will need to change ourselves to save ourselves from those who birthed these afflictions. As a 9/11 researcher, i became accustomed to a general statement…one that is echoed by many even outside my field of study. To change the internal and external elements affiliated with and within our own government which has become a detrimental factor in human life. This consensus is also met with enthusiastic resistance as well. It has also become clear to me that this cannot be possible at the present moment. In order to fulfill the radical change needed to make the planet where human life can find complete and global hegemony and without conflict and economic disparity….we must radically change ourselves first and foremost.The “revolution” people often converse about with each other is not a reality, not now and not at the current mental framework.

For we are in complete and total disarray, not simply with ourselves but with each other. The afflictions i am referring to are the following:


These are all unnatural human constructs. Made to categorically define and seclude the human species. No country on earth has been more obvious in their complete stigmatization as well as being nefariously divisive than the United States in this regard. These human applications saturate us in our daily life, a constant reminder of how society opines the essence of who we are. A castration of our individual self which then repetitiously subjugates our persona into a simplistic, dogmatic sect. Void of any individual acknowledgement, absent of any true self. One could possess just one or a combination of all three without even realizing the subversive nature and its detrimental effect it has upon society. To make the differences clear i will define what i mean.

When i say we don’t need Religion, I’m not saying we don’t need spirituality.

When i say we don’t need Racism, I’m not saying we don’t need culture.

When i say we don’t need Politics, I’m not saying we don’t need community.

There are clear differences between the two. They are all unnatural divisive. You aren’t born naturally Religious. You aren’t born naturally a Racist. You aren’t born naturally to a Political affiliation. These are all learned applications. They are also all institutionally applied to our daily life. In your birth application, your work application, your test applications at school. It is applied to your television thru media, thru the internet, thru the newspaper….they are taught at the moment you can understand the human language of any culture. From your family, your loved ones, your associates, your teachers, even from complete strangers….anyone.

For most people are unaware that they are imbued with these properties. With the rate of the human population the time for this radical change within ourselves is becoming harder to achieve. However hope is not lost, as long as you can understand the change which is needed and made on your behalf. This is not going to happen from myself, or from anyone else……the change is made on your behest only. Without this, we cannot change the internal entities which compose of our government whom has assisted in these afflictions which keep us at such a sectarian divide. We are made to believe this is the natural order of life, made to believe we are nothing more than basic definitions which have no purpose. Made to dehumanize and categorize us as nothing more than man’s own definition. But we are more than this. Much more.

For you are not Black, you are not White. You are not Christian, you are not Muslim or Jew,. You are not a Republican, you are not a Democrat. You are infinitely more than these transparent designations… are human and without restraint. To make the radical change needed to change this world into the dream we remind ourselves daily in our adult lives we must make the most important change of all…..ourselves.

For if we don’t, and we continue to commit ourselves to the unnatural properties outlined above…the infamous quote of George Santayana will become, prophecy.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”



Adam Fitzgerald

Geo-political scientist/researcher into the events of September 11th 2001.