The Intelligence Community & 9/11

Adam Fitzgerald
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The nature of Intelligence Communities like the Israeli Mossad, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) are the key to knowing about the agendas, operations of certain organizations, like Al Qaeda, Abu Nidal Organization (ANO), Hezbollah etc. come from Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). The epoch of 9/11 can be summed up thru the backgrounds of certain agencies. Let’s begin with The National Security Agency (NSA), which had begun tapping Osama Bin Laden as far back in 1996. The phone — a Compact M satellite phone, about the size of a laptop computer — was purchased by a student in Virginia named Ziyad Khaleel for $7,500 using the credit card of a British man named Saad al-Fagih. After purchasing the phone, Khaleel sent it to Khalid al-Fawwaz, al-Qaeda’s unofficial press secretary in London Al-Fawwaz then shipped it to bin Laden in Afghanistan. The phone began receiving calls from a number frequently, the NSA had thus began tracking that number as well. Bin Laden would stop using the satellite phone in 1998.

“It has not been revealed when US intelligence begins monitoring bin Laden exactly, though the CIA was tailing him in Sudan by the end of 1991. But in late 1995 the FBI is given forty thick files on bin Laden from the CIA and NSA, mostly communications intercepts. The sheer amount of material suggests the surveillance had been going on for several years. Dan Coleman, an FBI agent working with the CIA’s bin Laden unit, will begin examining these files and finds that many of them are transcripts from wiretapped phones tied to bin Laden’s businesses in Khartoum, Sudan, where Bin Laden lives from 1991 to 1996”

The CIA had begun monitoring Bin Laden as soon as he was forcibly expelled, with certain amenities, from Saudi Arabia in 1994. However Bin Laden relocated and took residence in the Sudan welcomed by National Islamic Front leader, Hassan al-Turabi. During his time in Sudan, he heavily invested in the infrastructure, in agriculture and businesses. The evidence was clear that the CIA was tracking Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri . Meanwhile the FBI’s own special I-49 team, a unit designed of prosecutors and FBI investigators to track financing and terrorist activities of Osama Bin Laden, went to the CIA and asked for any information regarding Bin Laden…and were presented with 40 thick case files.

They had long been monitoring Osama Bin Laden, it seems as far back as 1992–93. After the 1998 US embassy bombings in East Africa, the FBI’s I-49 team went to interview Mohammad al-Owhali and it was here from John Anticev (1993 WTC Bombing investigator) who got a phone number al-Owhali gave him during an interrogation meeting held in a hospital al-Owhali had been visiting to treat his wounds from one of the truck blasts in which he fled from..

It was a Yemen safe house owned by Ahmed al-Hada a close friend to Osama Bin Laden from his days in the Afghan-Soviet War in 1979. This number was also found out to be a number which called Bin Laden’s satellite phone back in 1995–96…in which the NSA had already put a tap on the number of the Ahmed al-Hada phone, back in 1996 due to repeated calls made to Bin Laden’s satellite phone….the NSA called it a “hot number”. However the CIA becomes aware that the NSA had begun tapping the phone lines to the Yemeni Safe House belonging to Ahmed al-Hada, who was also father in law to Khalid al-Mihdhar and wanted the NSA to share the information with Alec Station with Michael Scheuer (Director) insisting:

“According to Alec Station chief Michael Scheuer, the CIA learns of this “communications conduit” through a CIA officer detailed to the NSA and stationed overseas. According to Scheuer, the NSA “refuse[s] to exploit the conduit and threaten[s] legal action against the agency officer who advised of its existence.” Despite the threat, the officer continues to supply the information. Scheuer asks senior CIA officials to intervene with the NSA, but this only leads to “a desultory inter-agency discussion without resolution.”

So In December 1996, the CIA begins building a listening post monitor the calls made from the Ahmed al-Hada Yemeni hub, but they couldn't listen to calls receiving. Michael Scheuer then asked for the other half of the cables which the NSA had, and they refused to supply him with this data. Schurer then went to the NSA’s Deputy Director, Barbara McNamara and she stated to Schurer that if the CIA were to compromise the NSA monitoring the Yemen house they would legally take action against the CIA. The CIA then relented. But in 1998 The CIA began using HUMINT, following and tracking people coming and going from the home while putting inside the home a bug, the FBI’s I-49 team also began putting a bug inside the home. So all three agencies had monitored this hub since 1996 til 2002. This is what most people, unfortunately, in the 9/11 Truth Community with a large percentage of debunkers cannot understand.

This is how you can manipulate an operation like 9/11 to your advantage. With every single call made to and from this hub were high level Al Qaeda operatives and also physical contact with people in the home who were monitored. Your telling me that the NSA and CIA weren't aware of operations like USS Cole, Millennium Plot or 9/11? That high level Al Qaeda operatives and contacts from all around the world calling to his hub, weren’t talking about these operations in some fashion starting in 1996? The question i put forth is to what extent of knowledge were they aware of about said operations? That's the question…..and since this data is classified we can only speculate. The CIA, FBI and NSA knew about a high level meeting in Malaysia, they knew that two men Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi were invited by phone data from a man named “Khallad” that they were to attend this meeting.

The CIA had thus began using human intelligence to closely follow both men to Malaysia. So on January 4th al-Mihdhar flew to Dubai and stood at a hotel, before his stop over to Malaysia., the CIA had broke into his room and took photographs of his passport and also noticed he had a multi-entry Visa into the United States. This information was then sent immediately to Alec Station (CIA). The data was then suppressed from the FBI who according to two FBI agents working in Alec Station wanted to share with FBI headquarters in NYC. Mark Rossini and Doug Miller were stopped by CIA supervisors from sharing this data.

The CIA knew Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi were Al Qaeda operatives involved with the 1998 US Embassy Bombing from Saudi GID Intelligence in 1999. However when George Tenet was under oath during the Joint House Inquiry in 2002, he was asked why that cable regarding Khalid al-Mihdhar was not shared…Tenet claims that the cable was “information only” and that nobody read that cable. Tenet lied, over 50 agents from Alec Station had indeed read that cable.

When the Malaysia meeting was over, the CIA from Richard Blee’s report in a principals Meeting later, they lost track of both men as soon as they left Malaysia. Convenient eh? Because their next stop was the United States. Where Saudi Nationals working for the Saudi GID began funding and assisting Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, and then you had the Israeli Mossad monitoring the Hamburg Cell in 2000, Mohammed Atta, Ziad Jarrah and Marwan al-Shehhi.

The Intelligence Community (CIA-NSA whom involved Mossad-GID) knew about this massive operation taking place where in which high level Al Qaeda subjects were going to the United States and were allowed to enter because INS and TSA were completely unaware of these men and because they were not put on any watchlist from the CIA and the FBI inside the United States were unaware of their presence nor were they aware that Israeli-Saudi intelligence rings were monitoring them. That is exactly how you control, manipulate an operation long before it ever takes place…and you didn’t even have to become intimately involved.

Note this is speculation which i am about to address here, i believe, Ziad Jarrah might very well have been that mole the CIA always wanted but he was an Israeli mole. Making sure the Israelis had intimate knowledge about said operation. I have no evidence to suggest this. I do however have many affiliating events which could support it, example, Ali al-Jarrah who was an Israeli mole for 25 years and was Ziad Jarrah’s uncle with his brother Josef al-Jarrah also being a spy for Israeli Intelligence, and that there were only 3 hijackers aboard the Flight per 6 calls made from the plane stating such.

With that being said, i didn’t even mention Syrian,Moroccan and German criminal elements Mohammad Haydar Zammar and Marmoun Darkanzali and others who were also monitoring and assisting the Hamburg cell while in Germany, that was also known by German Intelligence, Office for the Protection Of The Constitution (BFV) in which their office did no follow up investigations on their won regarding either Zammar or Darkaznaki even thou they were known operatives with Islamic militants ties to high level Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan. Nobody to this day in the Intelligence Community has ever been held accountable for their misdeeds, mistakes as they call them.



Adam Fitzgerald

Geo-political scientist/researcher into the events of September 11th 2001.