Urban Moving Systems Dance Tryouts

Adam Fitzgerald
7 min readNov 10, 2019

You most likely never heard of them. They were relatively unknown, that is until one lone woman decided to view the billowing smoke from the North Tower under the direction from a neighbor who called to notify her that she felt the apartment building shake and heard a loud noise and then saw the visible damage outside her window. Armed with binoculars at 8:48 am on September 11th 2001, “Maria” (her full name redacted in the FBI report), who lives by Liberty State Park in a high rise apartment was looking at the horrifying damage to the North Tower however she also witnessed another scenario, which grabbed her eyes besides the North Tower aflame, it was toward the Doric Towers parking lot.

According to her affidavit which she gave to the FBI on Sept 12th, she witnessed three young men filming and celebrating the horrific sight of the North Tower smoldering. Her rapt attention allowed her to take down the license plate of the white van in which they departed after the filming. The license plate number revealed that the van belonged to a New Jersey registered company called Urban Moving Systems. After her husband came home “Maria” decided to notify NJ Township police about what she witnessed. An all-points bulletin was given for the white van with the license plate she provided which was JRJ 13Y.

By 3:51 pm with most of New York’s bridges and parkways under strict surveillance and lock-down, the NJ Turnpike was jammed packed, most wanted to flee the city and head back to the safe confines of their homes. East Rutherford Policeman Scott DeCarlo and Sgt. Dennis Rivelli was directing the heavy traffic at the NJ Turnpike when a white van which fitted the description of the “BOLO” (Be on the Look Out) approached the officers. The white van had all but one number matched to the license plate. DeCarlo decided it was close enough. Both officers approached the van and told the driver of the vehicle to stop. DeCarlo then shouted for the driver to step out of the vehicle. By this time, the van now had 5 occupants instead of the 3 earlier witnessed. With no one in the vehicle complies with the orders given, DeCarlo decided to forcefully open the driver’s side door and physically restrain the driver. As DeCarlo pitted the driver to the ground, he heard something that didn’t make sense….in fact, it was quite bizarre.

The driver, who would turn out to be Sivan Kurzberg, would make a bold declaration:

“We are not your problem, the Palestinians are the problem. Your problems are our problems.”

Others that were detained were the following:

Sivan Kurzberg (Driver), Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, Omar Mamari

All 5 men were Israeli nationals and all five men worked for Urban Moving Systems in Weehawken, New Jersey. Kuzrburg brothers and Oded Ellner told arresting officers that they are Israeli tourists on a “working holiday” in the United States. Sivan Kurzberg, while he was searched, had $4,700 dollars stuffed in his sock while two others had passports one from Germany & two from Israel. They also found a map highlighted spots like the WTC and Doric Towers made the investigators suspicious.

All 5 men were detained and taken to the Bergen County jail and then relocated to the FBI’s Foreign Counterintelligence Section. Here they were interrogated by the FBI and NY JTTF. Investigators found that Sivan and Paul Kurzberg had direct links to the Israeli Mossad. They also found a camera belonging to them; they had taken photos of the background which included the smoldering North Tower as they celebrated. According to the FBI’s own report, which is heavily redacted, they were indeed seen celebrating the attacks. Paul Kurzberg would fail his polygraph test, as all of them initially refused at first.

After pressure from the Israeli ambassador to the US, David Ivry, with Lawyer and Harvard chair Alan Dershowitz acting as a mediator along with two unnamed NY Senators….the Israelis were released back home, after 71 days of interrogation. The FBI disagreed with the decision but was left with no choice.

A week after their detention, the FBI got a warrant to search the Urban Moving Systems warehouse in which they collected 16 hard drives from a company and personal computers found in the offices and found the warehouse to be full of clients furniture….they had barely moved anyone at all. The Manager of Urban Moving Systems, Dominick Suter, was asked by FBI investigators to come in for a second more formal interview, instead, he fled to Israel. The FBI concluded from documents obtained at their office in Weehawken that they were targeting Arabs in New York and New Jersey, most particularly in the Paterson N.J. area.

While the FBI was left to pick up the pieces of what was left in the warehouse, in November 2001, the Israelis that were under the microscope by NY investigators had not hesitated to conduct an interview on Israeli TV. Paul Kurzberg even suggested that they were there “to document the event”.

In June 2002, 20/20 with John Miller, ran a segment dedicated to the mysterious Israelis and Urban Moving Systems. The story gave some insight into why they were released, but shortly after this segment…..it seemed public interest died regarding this intriguing story. The media even made light of the subject, calling them the “Dancing Israeli’s”. Much like any important anomaly regarding the events of September 11th, 2001, it was subsequently forgotten altogether.

It seemed we wouldn’t be hearing of the “Dancing Israelis” ever again.

However, some interest from independent researchers such as Justin Raimondo, Ryan Dawson, and Mike Riviero wouldn’t let this story die on the vine and have done countless videos and written summaries but it wasn’t enough unfortunately to garner national interest. In the general population, it was a “non-story”. 17 years later it would rise from the proverbial grave from an FOIA request.

10 photos have been released by the FBI to the public regarding the “Dancing Israeli’s” at Doric Towers on not just September 11th but also on September 10th, 2001, these were the photos once claimed by the same FBI releasing them had been “destroyed”. Heavily redacted, it shows 3 of the Israelis (Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, and Yaron Schimul) celebrating by flicking a lighter in the background also there were photographs of them on top of their company truck. The photos have seemingly no backdrop to the city skyline downtown and although the timestamps are accurate no WTC smoldering in the background is seen. 66 photos have yet to be released, which could show them in a more “compromising” position. As if the photo redactions are nefariously curious, the FBI report (also heavily redacted) shows that these seemingly “innocent” Israeli’s weren’t so “innocent” after all. However, the photos released by the FBI really didn’t tell us anything that most in-depth researchers studying 9/11 didn’t already know.

Most of us knew that these Israeli’s were celebrating the attacks when multiple eyewitnesses had already viewed them celebrating the attacks, as well as others from Doric Towers. To most, however, they needed this confirmation to sow discord against Israel in the prejudicial manner, which was already fueled by their anti-Semitism (this ends up poisoning the actual critics of Israel policies). The photos were then promoted by Ryan Dawson, popular skeptic, and researcher of 9/11 attacks, on Adam Green’s (Know More News) interview. It was here Dawson began doubling down on his much earlier synopsis regarding the “Dancing Israelis”, and rightfully so, as he for many years prior had done numerous videos regarding the details of what the “Dancing Israelis” were doing that day.

However, he made some errors regarding the identities of who’s face belonged on whose body, as the photos of the Israelis had their faces redacted by the FBI. Thermal Detonator, a seasoned 9/11 researcher, corrected Dawson by private email regarding the identities in which Dawson made the obvious corrections shortly thereafter.

While the photos were being released, stores and other buildings around the area of the Pentagon may have had cameras as well which weren’t inspected by the FBI or local authorities. During the PENTTBOMB investigation 86 cameras were collected by the FBI, cameras from corporate buildings and stores around the Washington DC area near the Pentagon and in Lower Manhattan may or may not have captured a plane in the sky. Intriguing ideas from those who are “invested” in the subject of 9/11 and wish to make a small change or a big one should file FOIA requests for the release of all 86 cameras.

Thru the law firm of Motley Rice, who are representing the families of those killed on 9/11 had gotten some of the video released but they didn’t show anything. Which is why we need people like you, the invested researcher who wishes to make a difference in piecing together what others tried before and could not. Mainly due in part to the over-saturation of fringe conspiracies like “no plane crashing at the Pentagon” or “no Arab hijackers being involved”. These far fetched and often ludicrous scenarios pried away thousands from even entering the 9/11 discussion for fear of being labeled a “conspiracy theorist”.



Adam Fitzgerald

Geo-political scientist/researcher into the events of September 11th 2001.